UI Refinements Found In the Latest Nexus 5 Android L Build LRW66E

For some people, the launching of L preview means nothing as they tend to trust the new builds up concretely until the final L release is held. It is quite understandable that the team from Android intends not to put out builds with incremental fixes and keep the grand improvements for the final

Free Shipments for Moto 360 For the Sake of Google I/O Attendees

It will be such a nice record if you are able to get engaged to Google I/O 2014. As a matter of fact, it is possible if you have wait for quite some times to experience the privilege from Google which intends to send a Moto 360 for every of the attendees in this particular year. Apparently, the

GSM Unlocked LG 3G Is Available on eBay

G3 has become the hot item from LG and receives the honor as the best Android phone device these days. The statement is opened for controversial section debate, because people may stand on different perspective regarding the case. However, you cannot make any better unlocked high-end phone deal as

Full Access of the 5.0 Version of Apps from Amazon

It is such great news that Amazon has completed their service called Prime Instant Video for Android devices with the application of Instant Video which can be downloaded from their independent app store. This pronouncement apparently takes part of the update launching of Amazon’s app in the 5.0

Creating Your Own Android App at a Glance

If you’re interested in programming, there’s an Android App Programming training course that you can take to lead to be a programmer. After finishing this training course, it’s said that you’ll be able to build and ship an Android app through Google Play so people all around the world can

The Prior Moto 360 Looks Unsatisfying than the New Ones

Those who are waiting for Moto 360 prototypes might feel disappointed due to the ordinary look it has. As most users want to have stylish smartwatch with premium materials, the same expectation also goes for Moto 360 but it turns out that the look is uglier than what it’s expected. The early

The Com 1: The Most Affordable Smartwach in this Decade

Nowadays, smartwatches are getting popular among other Android devices. Famous manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, Motorola and Asus just launched their Android-powered smartwatches. They like to offer the users to have not only smartphone but also smartwatch that seems simpler and more stylish. One

Opening Facebook while Driving Can Kill 89-Year-Old Grandmother

Texting and driver are commonly done by some people on the road without worrying about their life. In April, it was reported that a driver who ran into a cyclist caused a pretty serious injury to the person. Based on the study, texting and driving become one of the biggest killers on the road that

Abundant of Sales on SanDisk Storage Device

Having an Android mobile phone isn’t complete without having micro SD cards. Among many brands of micro SD cards, SanDisk is the most popular one. This brand has already trusted by its users to store data in their mobile phone. Based on the sale report from the Amazon Gold Box Deals, SanDisk has

Tips How To Fix Problems With the LG G3

LG just launched its newest gadget for Android folks. It’s named as the LG G3. This smartphone is one of the leading mainstream Android devices that offers the best high-end of flagship. This smartphone is quite popular among Android folks but unfortunately it doesn’t have as many issues as

The Best Android Gadgets this Week

Android keeps updating its new application to fulfill the users’ need. This past week becomes great news for Android folks since some eminent brands launch their newest Android gadgets. Let’s start from Samsung that brings the semi-bizarre Gear VR, the refined Note 4, the improved Xperia series,