Can I Put Links on My Blog?

Adding links to your blog is a great way to provide readers with additional information about the topics you write about. However, before you add any links, be sure to read the following article to learn the rules governing the use of links on blogs.

When it comes to linking on blogs, there are few rules that are consistently enforced. However, there are a few general guidelines that should be followed when adding links.

When linking to other websites, always include the full URL (including http://). For example, if you were linking to a blog post on, you would include in your link.

Never try to trick your readers by including hidden links (links that appear as text rather than as HTML tags). For example, do not include a link to a blog post in your Twitter profile or in an email message.

If you are linking to a photo or video on another website, make sure that you include the appropriate licensing information (if applicable). For example, if you are linking to a photo that is owned by someone else and is not licensed for public use, you should include a credit line with the photo.

When linking to other blog posts on your own website, always include the date of the post that you are referencing. This will help your readers navigate their way through your blog archives more easily.

Finally, be sure to check for any link spamming practices before submitting any links for approval. This includes submitting too many links in a short period of time and submitting links that are not relevant to the content of your blog post.

Conclusion: When it comes to linking on blogs, follow these general guidelines and your readers will be able to find the information they need without any trouble.

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