Can You Blog on Discord?

Discord is a great platform for collaboration, communication, and socializing. It’s perfect for smaller communities or groups that need a platform to easily share ideas and work together.

And because Discord is an app-based platform, you can easily blog on it too.

To start blogging on Discord, first make sure you have a Discord account and an account on your blog host. Once you have both set up, follow these simple steps:

1) Open your blog account in your web browser.
2) Click the “Publish” button at the top of your blog post or page.
3) In the “Publish dialog box,” select “Discord Chat (server URL).”
4) Copy the server URL (it will look like https://discord.

gg/bVF6fQA), and paste it into the “Discord Chat (server URL)” field in the publish dialog box.
5) Click “Publish” to publish your post or page to Discord.

Now that your post or page is published on Discord, all you need to do is join the chat room that it was published in and start blogging! Be sure to use a unique name so other users can easily find you in the chat room. You can also use Discord voice chat to help you stay connected with your readers while you write.

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