Does Blog Mean Article?

Blogging traditionally refers to creating a personal website or blog using a web-based publishing platform like WordPress, but the term can also be used more broadly to describe the act of creating and sharing content online, whether it’s in the form of an article, video, podcast, or picture.

While there is no clear answer, many people believe that blogging and articles are two different things. Blogging typically refers to writing short, informal pieces that are typically updated on a regular basis.

Articles, on the other hand, are longform pieces that are typically researched and written with more professional standards.

Although there may be some overlap between the two types of content, it’s generally safe to say that blogging is about creating content and uploading it to the web while articles are about publishing that content online. And while there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to determining whether a piece of content is considered a blog post or an article, most people would agree that there’s a difference between the two.

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