Does Blogging Pay in Nigeria?

There is no definitive answer to the question of whether blogging pays in Nigeria, as the medium has yet to catch on broadly enough to provide conclusive data. However, there are several indicators that suggest that blogging may not be as lucrative a career option as many people might think.

One issue is that Nigeria’s blogosphere is relatively small. According to a 2013 study by the Internet World Stats, Nigeria ranks 116th out of 179 countries in terms of the number of blogs.

This means that there are a limited number of bloggers with a large audience, which could make it difficult for them to make a living from their blogs.

Another issue is that many bloggers in Nigeria lack technical expertise. This is not surprising, given that only about 10 percent of Nigerian internet users are online users who use the internet for professional purposes, compared to almost 50 percent globally.

As a result, many Nigerian bloggers struggle to create quality content and attract a large audience.

Despite these obstacles, there is still potential for blogging to become an lucrative career option in Nigeria if it can catch on more broadly and provide more opportunities for technical expertise and high-quality content.

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