Does ESPN Have a Blog?

ESPN has a blog known as “Grantland.” Grantland is a website and blog that ESPN launched in October of 2013.

The website is ESPN’s attempt to create a more personal and intimate experience for its viewers. Grantland is a site that focuses on storytelling and long-form writing.

Grantland has been praised for its creative writing and for its willingness to experiment with new formats. One of the most popular pieces on Grantland was an article written by Bill Simmons about the NBA player, Kobe Bryant.

Simmons wrote about Bryant in a way that was personal and fascinating.

Some have argued that Grantland is too experimental for ESPN’s mainstream audience, but others have said that the site is worth subscribing to simply for the quality of its writing. Overall, it seems that Grantland is a successful experiment for ESPN and one that should be continued.

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