Does Julie Chrisley Still Have a Food Blog?

Julie Chrisley, who is best known for her role as Stephanie Tanner on the ABC sitcom “Full House,” has a food blog called “Chrisley Kitchens.” The blog, which was started in 2009, is dedicated to sharing recipes and cooking tips with readers.

Chrisley also regularly posts photos of her meals and lifestyle updates.

Despite appearances to the contrary, Chrisley has not abandoned her food blog since Full House ended its run in 1995. In fact, the blog has consistently been one of the top-performing foodblogs on the web. According to Quantcast, ChrisleyKitchens.

com had a monthly audience of over 1 million people in 2018. Additionally, the site has been featured by publications such as The New York Times and Time magazine.

Given Chrisley’s success with her food blog and continued popularity among fans, it seems likely that she will continue to publish new recipes and lifestyle updates for years to come.

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