Does Patagonia Have a Blog?

As a company with a dedication to environmentalism and sustainable practices, Patagonia has long been a proponent of online communication. In 2007, the company created its first website, patagonia.

com, and has since developed other platforms to share its story and engage with customers and followers. While Patagonia does not have a blog per se, the company does offer a variety of online resources including blogs from employees, blog tours, video content, and product reviews.

Despite its smaller size, Patagonia has become well-known for its vocal advocacy on environmental issues. The company has published blog posts on topics such as climate change, renewable energy, deforestation, and water conservation.

These posts have helped Patagonia build a reputation as an environmentally responsible company that cares about the impact of its products and actions on the environment.

In conclusion, while Patagonia does not have its own blog specifically devoted to environmental topics, the company offers a variety of online resources that help it articulate its values and advocate for sustainable practices.

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