Does Pioneer Woman Still Blog?

Since leaving her blog Pioneer Woman in late 2014, blogger Ree Drummond has been mostly inactive on the internet, with the exception of a few sporadic posts. In January 2015, Drummond announced that she was retiring from blogging and would be moving to Africa to work with orphans.

However, on September 2nd of this year, Drummond announced that she had returned to blogging and would be starting a new project called The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Despite being inactive for over two years, there is no indication that Ree Drummond’s blog, Pioneer Woman, has stopped publishing. In fact, judging by the recent posts on The Pioneer Woman Cooks website, it seems as if Drummond is back in full swing.

So while it’s uncertain whether or not Ree Drummond still blogs regularly, it seems safe to say that her blog is still up and running.

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