How Can I Make My Blog Secret?

Secrets have always been a part of life. From keeping a secret to hiding a piece of jewelry, secrets have been used to protect people and possessions for centuries.

Keeping a blog secret is no different. Anyone who knows your blog URL can easily find out all the posts and comments you’ve made.

This can be a huge disadvantage if you’re trying to build an audience or keep your blog secret for commercial reasons.

There are a few things you can do to make your blog secret:

1. Use a unique domain name.
2. Use a private blog hosting service.
3. Use a secure password encryption service.
4. Use a proxy server.

5. Use an anonymous email account.
6. Use a hidden IP address.
7. Use encrypted file sharing services like DropBox or BitTorrent for sharing posts and comments with friends and followers who don’t have access to your blog URL.
8. Create multiple accounts and use different pseudonyms for each one so that no one person knows all of your secrets (or even knows which account belongs to which person).

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