How Do I Add a Poll to My WordPress Blog?

Adding a poll to your WordPress blog is easy. First, create a new post with the desired poll question in the title. Once the post is created, follow these steps to add a poll to your post:

1. In the Posts menu, click on Add New.

2. In the Add New Post window, enter the title of your poll in the Title field.

3. In the Description field, provide a brief description of your poll question.

4. Under Categories, select Polls from the list.

5. Click on the Edit button next to Polls.

6. On the Polls tab, select the polling plugin you want to use from the list of available plugins and click on Install Now.

(If you don’t have a polling plugin installed, WordPress will install one for you.).

7. Click on Activate Poll to activate your newly installed polling plugin and begin setting up your polls!

Once your polls are set up, you can add questions to them by clicking on Add New Question in the Polls tab and entering your poll question in the fields provided. You can also add answers to questions by clicking on Add New Answer in the same tab and entering your answer in the fields provided. Once you’ve added all of your questions and answers, click on Save Changes to publish your poll live on your blog!.

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