How Do I Add My WordPress Blog to Shopify?

Adding a WordPress blog to Shopify is relatively easy. The first step is to create a new Shopify store.

Once you have created the store, go to Shopify’s “Apps” section and search for “WordPress.” Once you find the WordPress app, click on it to open the installation instructions.

Once you have installed the WordPress app, go to your new WordPress blog’s “Settings” page and enter your blog’s name and password into the appropriate fields. Next, click on “Add a NEW Product” and enter the following information into the fields that appear:

1. Name: This field should be named “Product Name.”

2. Description: This field should be a short description of your product.

3. Price: This field should be set to $0.


4. Category: This field should be set to “Shop.”

5. SKU: This field should be set to “Your Product’s Serial Number.”

6. Image: This field should be set to an image of your product.

7. Add To Cart Button: Click on this button to add your product to your shopping cart.

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