How Do I Allow People to Submit Blog Posts on My WordPress Site?

When you create a WordPress site, you can allow people to submit blog posts on your site by setting up a blog submission form. To do this, go to the Settings menu and select General. Under the “Posts” heading, click the “Blog Submission Form” link.

You will then be prompted to add a form field for your blog URL. After you add this field, you will need to set up a few other settings.

First, you will need to determine whether you want contributors to be approved or not. If you want contributors to be approved, set the “approve submissions” setting to “Yes”.

If you want contributors to be allowed without approval, leave this setting at “No”.

Next, you will need to decide how many posts should be allowed per submission. You can set this number either in minutes or in hours.

Finally, you will need to determine how long contributors have after submitting a post before it is published. You can choose from minutes, hours, or days.

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