How Do I Cite an Online Blog in APA?

An online blog can be a great source of information for your student research paper. However, it can be difficult to cite an online blog in APA style. Here are some tips to help you cite an online blog in APA:

1. Use the author’s name and the date of the blog post as the first and last name of the author, followed by ” (blog post title)”.

For example, “John Doe (blog post title) December 1, 2013.”.

2. List all sources that were used to write the blog post in parentheses after the author’s name and the date.

For example, “(John Doe) December 1, 2013.

3. Use specific citations for quotations from other authors or sources used in the blog post.

For example, “(John Doe) said ‘X’ on (blog post title).

4. Indicate whether the information in the blog post is factual or opinion by using a modifier such as “fact” or “opinion.

” For example, “(John Doe) believes that Y is true.

5. Provide a URL for easy access to the full text of the blog post.

For example: “John Doe (blog post title) URL.

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