How Do I Create a Blog in Flask?

Creating a blog in Flask is easy. First, create a new Flask application:

$ python3

Then, add the blog application to your project:

from flask import Flask app = Flask(__name__) blog = app.create_app() # Add the blog application to your project’s list of applications.


Next, add the required configuration to your app:

# In your project’s . import os SECRET_KEY = “mysecretkey” # Create a secret key for your blog application FLASK_SETTINGS = { ‘APP_NAME’: ‘blog’, ‘SECRET_KEY’: SECRET_KEY, ‘REDIRECT_URL’: ‘/blog/’, } . # In your app’s __main__. url = “https://{YOUR-SERVER-FQDN}/blog/” + FLASK_SETTINGS[‘APP_NAME’] + “?” # Request the site’s home page. response = request.get(“url”, auth={“user”: os.

getenv(“USER”), “pass”: os.getenv(“PASS”), }).json() if response[‘status’] != 200: print(“Error: %s” % response) else: print(“Welcome to my blog!”).

Now, you can start writing your blog posts! To create a new post, use the following code:

# In your app’s __init__. from flask import render @app.route(“/posts”) def posts(): return render(request, “posts/index.html”) # In your app’s module’s main() function .


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