How Do I Create a Blog Template on HubSpot?

Creating a blog template on HubSpot can help you streamline your blog process and improve the overall look and feel of your blog. You can use a template to manage your content, design your blog layout, and generate custom RSS and Hootsuite feeds.

To create a blog template on HubSpot, first open the HubSpot Blogs interface. Under “Blogs,” click on the name of your blog.

In the left column, under “Template,” click on “New Template.”.

On the New Template page, you will see a list of templates that are available to use as a starting point for your blog. To find a template that is right for you, scroll down the list and select one that looks like it would fit your blog content and style.

Once you have selected a template, click on “Next.” On the next page, you will be asked to provide some basic information about your blog.

This information includes your name (or alias), email address, website address, and category. Once you have completed this information, click on “Finish.

Now that you have created a template on HubSpot, all you need to do is start customizing it to fit your own blog style and content. To begin customizing your template, click on the “Layout” tab under “Content” in the left column of the HubSpot Blogs interface.

This tab will show you all of the different elements that are available to customize in your template.

Some of the most common changes that bloggers make to their templates include changing the background color, adding images or videos, and tweaking font sizes and styles. To make a change to any of these elements, simply select it from the list in Layout tab and then enter your desired values in the corresponding fields.

When you are finished customizing your template, click on “Save Changes” in Layout tab and then click on “Publish Your Blog” in the left column to publish it online. You can also publish your blog by clicking on “File” in Blogs menu and selecting “Publish Blog from Template…” from the pop-up window that appears.

Finally, don’t forget to add a quick link to your new blog template from the HubSpot Blogs home page by clicking on “Add an Link…” under “Blog Links & Assets…” In the pop-up window that appears, enter the URL for your new blog template and hit enter to save it.

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