How Do I Create a Drupal 9 Blog?

Creating a Drupal 9 blog is easy. All you need is a Drupal 9 site and some basic blogging tools.

First, create a Drupal 9 site using the provided Template:Core:Blogs template. This template includes all the basic elements you need to create a blog, such as a header, footer, sidebar, and content area.

Next, install the necessary blogging tools on your site. In most cases, this means installing the Blogger extension and the WordPress blogging platform.

Once those are installed, you can begin creating your blog posts.

To publish a new post to your blog, first click the “Publish” button in your content area. This will take you to the Blogger main page where you can enter your post title and content.

You can also add tags and categories to help organize your posts. Once everything is ready, click the “Publish” button again to publish your post to your site.

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