How Do I Create a Newsletter in Intercom?

Creating a newsletter in Intercom is easy. You just need to create a new Intercom channel, and then add a Send Newsletter button to your channel.

When you click the button, Intercom will create a new email campaign for you, with all the necessary settings. You can then customize the email campaign however you want, and add your own content ( images, videos, etc.

) to make it more interesting for your subscribers.

Once you’ve created the email campaign, you just need to send it out to your subscribers! Intercom makes this easy too – just click the Send Newsletter button on your channel, and then enter your email addresses into the fields on the next page.

And that’s all there is to it! Creating a newsletter in Intercom is a great way to keep your subscribers updated on what’s happening in your company, and it’s easy enough that you can do it yourself!.

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