How Do I Create a Newsletter in Microsoft Office?

Creating a newsletter in Microsoft Office is a fairly easy process. First, open up a new Microsoft Word document and create a new column on the left side of the document. Name the column “Newsletter Body.” In the new column, type out your newsletter’s headline, body, and any other pertinent information. Next, create a new document and name it “Newsletter Template.” Double-click on the Newsletter Template document to open it up. On the left side of the Newsletter Template document, click on the Create Newsletter Layout button.

This will open up a new dialog box where you can select your newsletter’s layout. You can choose from a variety of layouts, or you can create your own custom layout. After you’ve selected your layout, click on the OK button to close the dialog box. Next, take your headline and body from your original document and paste them into the newsletter template’s headline and body fields, respectively. Next, add any images or video you want to use in your newsletter into the appropriate fields. Finally, choose which newsletters you want to send out from the newsletters list on the right side of the template document. Once you’ve finished editing your newsletter, click on the Publish button to send it out to your subscribers!.

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