How Do I Follow Someone’s Blog?

How to Follow a Blog
There are a few ways to follow a blog. The easiest way is to use the blog’s RSS or Atom feed.

You can find this information on the blog’s home page or by clicking on the “Feeds” tab at the top of the page. Once you have found the RSS or Atom feed, you can add it to your reader, such as Google Reader. .

Another way to follow a blog is to add it to your Facebook newsfeed. To do this, go to your Facebook profile and click on “Followers.

” Scroll down until you see the blog’s name and click on it. Finally, copy the URL for the blog’s newsfeed and add it to your browser’s address bar.

The final way to follow a blog is by using a bookmarklet. This tool allows you to add blogs to your bookmark list so that you can easily access them later.

To find a blog bookmarklet, search for “blogger bookmarklet” on Google or Bing. Once you have found a good one, copy the URL and add it to your browser’s address bar.

Followers of blogs can also subscribe to email notifications about new posts from their favorite blogs. If you are subscribing through Google Reader, be sure to check the “Also Follow” box next to the blog’s name so that all of your new posts will be delivered through Reader as well.

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