How Do I Hide My WordPress Blog?

How to Hide Your WordPress Blog:

There are a few ways you can hide your WordPress blog. You can simply choose a different name for your blog, create a new URL, or use a hidden service like Tor to protect your identity.

You can also use a security plugin like W3 Total Cache to encrypt your traffic and protect your data. Finally, you can use a password protection plugin like WP Super Security to protect your blog against unauthorized access.

When choosing a name for your blog, make sure it is not easily guessed or found by search engines. Choose a name that is not related to your industry or personal life.

For example, instead of using “WordPress for Dummies”, use “WordPress: My Way” or “My WordPress Blog”.

To create a new URL for your blog, simply replace the http:// prefix with https://. For example, if your blog is called “WordPress for Dummies”, you would create a URL like https://WordPressformuds.


You can also use Tor to protect your identity and hide your location. Tor is an open-source anonymity network that helps protect the privacy of online users. To use Tor, you will need to install the Tor software on your computer and configure it to work with your web browser. Then, you will need to connect to the Tor network using the correct IP address and port number.

You can find more information about using Tor here:

Finally, you can use password protection plugins like WP Super Security to protect your blog against unauthorized access. WP Super Security offers different levels of security that you can toggle between depending on your requirements. For example, you can enable password protection for comments and posts, as well as for the entire site.

You can find more information about WP Super Security here:

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