How Do I Make a Shop Blog?

There are a few ways to make a shop blog. You could start a blog and dedicate it to your Etsy shop, or you could start a blog and use it as an online store diary.

Another option is to create a blog specifically for promoting your Etsy shop, using it as an online marketing tool to attract new customers and drive traffic to your store.

To make a shop blog, you’ll need to have a website or blog platform, some good writing skills, and some knowledge about marketing your Etsy shop. The first step is to create a basic website or blog platform. This can be done with any web host, such as WordPress or Tumblr, and there are many free templates available online. Once your website or blog is up and running, the next step is to create a custom domain name (e.g.

, and set up a hosting account with a provider (e.g., Bluehost).

Once your website or blog is set up, the next step is to create a custom domain name (e.g., and set up hosting account with provider (e.g. Once your website or blog is set up, the next step is to install the WordPress blogging platform onto your website or blog. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform available today, and it’s free to download and use.

To install WordPress, visit After you’ve downloaded and installed WordPress, you’ll need to create an account at and enter your site’s custom domain name into the “Domain” field in the “Settings” page of

To create a blog post on your Etsy shop, first log into your WordPress site using your username and password (you created this when you set up WordPress). Then click on the “Posts” menu item on the left-hand side of the screen and select “New Post.” In the “Post Title” field enter something like “Introducing My New Etsy Shop.” In the “Body” field, type out your post’s main content (this will be used as the template for all of your future Etsy shop posts).

Feel free to include photos from your shop in this post, as well as any other relevant information about what’s new in your store. Once you’ve finished writing your post, click on the “Publish” button at the bottom of the screen to publish it onto your site’s public blog feed (this will also send an email notification to all of your followers).

Finally, if you want people visiting your Etsy shop from outside of Google search results (which is generally beneficial), then you’ll need to add some tags (keyword phrases) onto each of your posts that describe what type of product or service you offer on Etsy (for example: crochet accessories, vintage finds, etc.). To do this, open up Google Chrome browser on your computer and enter[tag]%22 into the search bar at the top of the page. After entering in a tag phrase for example “crochet accessories,” Google will return search results that include both words together in their title (e.g.

, Crochet Accessories: Craftsy Finds), as well as individual posts that have that tag included within their body text (e.g., This crocheted keychain was made using my favorite yarn blend). By adding these specific tags onto each of your Etsy shop posts, Google will display those posts above all others when someone types in that specific keyword phrase into Google search engine results pages!.

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