How Do I Move a Blog Post to Another Blog?

If you want to move a blog post to another blog, the first step is to find the post’s URL. You can find this by clicking on the title of the post in your blog’s home page, or by searching for the post using Google or another search engine.

Next, log into your original blog and click on “Posts” in the left-hand navigation bar. You’ll see a list of all the posts that have been published on that blog so far.

Find the post you want to move, and click on its title.

On the new blog’s “Posts” page, click on the “Publish” button next to the post’s title. This will open up a dialog box in which you can enter the URL of the new blog post.

(If you’re moving a post from one blog to another within your own website, you don’t need to worry about this step.).

Finally, click on “Publish” to publish the post on the new blog. Congratulations!.

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