How Do I Post a Blog on Shopify?

There are a few ways to post a blog on Shopify. You can use the built-in blog feature or use a third-party blog platform such as Medium.

To create a blog on Shopify, first go to your Shopify account Settings and click on Blog. On the Blog Settings page, you will need to provide a title for your blog, as well as an author name and email address.

You can also choose whether you want your blog to be public or private.

After you have created your account and set up your blog, you will need to create a post. To create a post, go to the Posts section of your Blog and select New Post.

On the New Post page, you will need to provide a title for your post, as well as a body which will contain your blog post content.

To publish your post, click on the Publish button at the bottom of the page. Your post will now be published and available to view by anyone who has access to your Shopify account.

You can also share your posts using the Share button on the Posts section of your Blog.

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