How Do I Send a Canva Newsletter in Gmail?

Canva Newsletter

If you want to send out a newsletter through Gmail, you first need to create an account on Canva. Once you have an account, head on over to your Settings page and select the Email tab. Here, you’ll need to enter your email address and password in order to login. After logging in, you’ll be able to select the Newsletter Subscription Opt-In checkbox and enter your email address again.

You can also choose how often you’d like to receive newsletters (daily, weekly, or monthly) and whether or not you want to receive push notifications when new newsletters are available. After setting up your newsletter preferences, click the Sign Up button to create your first newsletter.

Once you’ve created your first newsletter, all you have to do is copy and paste the template into a new email and hit send! If everything goes according to plan, your recipients will receive an email with the latest issue of your newsletter right in their inboxes. If something goes wrong along the way, don’t worry – there are usually plenty of troubleshooting tips available on Canva’s website.

In the end, sending out a newsletter through Canva is easy enough that even a novice user should be able to get started in no time at all.

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