How Do I Send a Newsletter From Word to an Email?

If you want to send a newsletter from word to an email, there are a few different ways you can do it. One way is to use the Mail Merge Wizard in Microsoft Word. To do this, first open the document you want to send the newsletter in, and then click on the Mail Merge tab. Next, click on the New button, and then select Newsletter from the list of options. You’ll then need to provide some information about the newsletter, such as its title and description. Next, you’ll need to choose which recipients will receive it.

You can either select all recipients or select specific addresses. Finally, you’ll need to provide information about how often the newsletter should be sent and how large it should be. After you’ve completed these steps, simply click on the OK button. When the newsletter has been created, you can send it by email by simply selecting it in your email program and sending it as usual.

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