How Do I Submit an Article to a Music Blog?

If you’re a musician looking to get your work seen by a wider audience, submitting your articles to music blogs is a great way to do it. There are plenty of music blogs out there that would love to feature submissions from talented writers, and many of them are very selective in their submissions process.

To submit an article to a music blog, follow these simple steps:

1. Find the blog that you want to submit your article to.

This can be done by doing a search for the blog’s name online, or by consulting the blog’s website.

2. Find the submission form for the blog.

This will usually be located on the blog’s home page, or inside of an article submission box that is separate from the comments section. .

3. Complete the submission form and attach your article in either PDF or Word format.

4. Follow up with the blog owner once you have submitted your article.

This will usually involve sending them a link to your article, and letting them know if you have any questions about how they will use it.

5. Enjoy your newfound exposure!.

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