How Do I Take Down a Blog?

Bloggers can be a thorn in the side of companies and individuals who want to keep their information confidential. In some cases, bloggers may be exchanging confidential information for free publicity.

There are a number of ways to take down a blog, depending on the situation.

If the blogger is breaking company policy or violating intellectual property rights, it may be appropriate to contact the blogger and discuss the situation or take action such as filing a copyright or trademark infringement lawsuit. If the blogger is simply writing opinions that are not supported by facts, it may be possible to refute their arguments using factual information.

If the blog is simply providing negative criticism of a company or individual without providing any factual information, it may be possible to contact the blogger and offer them a sponsorship or advertising deal. If the blog is providing factual information but is also providing critical commentary, it may be difficult to negotiate a sponsorship or advertising deal because companies may not want their negative publicity associated with a sponsored blog.

It may be more effective to contact the blogger and offer them consulting services in exchange for exclusive rights to use their content.

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