How Do I Track My Blog on Google Analytics?

When starting a blog, one of the first things to do is to set up Google Analytics to track how many people are visiting your site, what pages are being visited, and what type of traffic is coming in. This information can then be used to help you improve your blog and reach more people.

To set up Google Analytics:

1. Go to

2. Click on “Create an account.”

3. Enter your name, email address, and password.


5. You will now be taken to the “Account Overview” page.

On this page, click on the “CREATE A CONSISTENT TRACKING SETTING” link in the left-hand column. This will take you to the “Tracking Settings” page.

6. On the “Tracking Settings” page, click on the “Web Traffic” tab and then click on the “Create a new tracking rule” link in the upper right-hand corner of the window. This will open a new window that will allow you to specify what type of traffic you want to track (i.e., Visitors, Pageviews, Load Time).

You can also specify whether you want to track all traffic or just traffic from Google Sites (i.e., your blog). Click on the “Create a new tracking rule” button and then fill out the fields in the window as follows: Name: Blog Traffic Rule ID: ga-UA-1234567890 Type: Pageview Tracker: Yes Referral URL: No Click on the “Create rule” button when you are finished filling out the fields.

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