How Do I Write an Interesting Blog About Myself?

When you’re writing a blog about yourself, it’s important to include your unique perspective and highlight your accomplishments. You don’t want to simply regurgitate information from your resume or website, but to write so that readers will want to learn more about you. Here are some tips for writing an interesting blog about yourself:

1. Share your story.

What led you to where you are today? What are your passions? What motivated you to pursue the career or lifestyle you have now? Share anecdotes and stories that illustrate who you are and what makes you unique.

2. Showcase your skills.

What do you know well enough to write about? What do you have a passion for that others might not know about? Share articles, blog posts, or other pieces of work that showcase your skills and knowledge.

3. Connect with readers.

Are there common threads between what you have written and what readers may be interested in reading? Are there topics or issues that resonate with them? Use those connections to engage readers and draw them in closer to your blog.

4. Be transparent. Let readers into your world—show them what it’s like to work with you, live with you, or be a friend of yours.

Let them see the ups and downs of your life, and share the lessons learned along the way. This will open up a connection between you and your readers, who will be more likely to return for future posts.

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