How Do You Blog on Weebly?

Blogging on Weebly is easy and fun. First, create a new blog by clicking on the “Create a New Blog” button on the main page.

Then, enter a name for your blog, select a theme, and click “Create Blog.” You’ll be taken to your new blog’s home page where you can start writing!.

To post a new blog entry, click the “Post a New Blog Entry” button on the main page. You can write whatever you want in your post, and we’ll take care of the formatting for you.

To add photos or videos, just click the “Add Photos or Videos” button and upload your files.

You can also customize your blog’s look and feel by clicking on the “Layout” tab and selecting from a variety of themes. Or, you can create your own theme using our easy editor.

And finally, to get more out of your blogging experience, be sure to check out our helpful tips and resources section.

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