How Do You Find the Date of a Blog Post?

Finding the date a blog post was published can be a bit of a challenge. Some methods include using the post’s timestamp or using the blog’s domain name.

Others may require clicking through to the originating blog page and looking at the date stamp.

The simplest way to determine the date a blog post was published is to use the post’s timestamp. This can be found in the “Date” column of a blogger’s web page.

The timestamp can be found either in the web page’s source code or as an automatically generated number at the bottom of the web page.

If a blog post does not have a timestamp, then it may be possible to find its date by using the blog’s domain name. For example, if you were looking for a post from that was published on October 10, 2012, you would go to myblog.

com and enter “10/10/2012” into the search bar. If this search yields results, then it is likely that you have found the desired post.

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