How Do You Format a Newsletter in Google Docs?

An email newsletter can be a great way to keep your followers up-to-date on your latest work, share exclusive content, and build relationships with them. However, if you’re not using Google Docs, it can be tricky to format a newsletter in a way that looks professional and looks good on Google Display Network.

Here are five tips for formatting a newsletter in Google Docs:

1. Use Headlines and Subheadlines to Structure Your Articles

Your headline and subheadlines should be catchy yet informative, and they should help your readers understand the main points of each article. For example, “5 Tips for Writing Effective Emails” would be a good headline for an article about how to format an email newsletter well.

“How to Format an Email Newsletter in Google Docs” could be the subheadline for that article.

2. Use Images and Videos to Encourage Readers to Click Through To More Content

Images and videos can help encourage readers to click through to more content in your newsletter. For example, an image of someone giving a presentation or demonstrating how to do something could be used as the header for an article about presenting or teaching.

A video of someone explaining how to format an email newsletter well could serve as the header for that article’s video section.

3. Use Tables and Lists to Organize Your Articles logically

Tables and lists can help you organize your articles logically and make them easier to read. For example, you could use tables to group articles by topic (e.g., “5 Tips for Writing Effective Emails”), by type of article (e.g., “How To Format an Email Newsletter in Google Docs”), or by type of audience (e.g., “For Businesses”).

Lists can also be helpful when organizing your articles by type of audience (e.g., “Best Practices for Email Marketing from Small Businesses”), by type of content (e.g., “How To Format an Email Newsletter In Google Docs: A Step-By-Step Guide”), or by type of headline (e.g., “The Top 5 Headlines That Work Well on Emails”).

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