How Do You Get Presale Tickets for UFC Newsletter?

The UFC newsletter is currently the only way to get presale tickets for upcoming UFC events. The newsletter is available free of charge and can be found at There is no way to purchase tickets through the website itself.

Fans can only enter the weekly lottery for tickets to select events. The UFC does not release the list of events for which the lottery will take place until just a few days before the event. .

To be eligible for the lottery, fans must be registered with and have a valid email address.

They can also join the official fan club of the UFC at

Fans who are not eligible for the weekly lottery but would like to purchase tickets on general sale will need to find a reseller. There are many online ticket agencies that sell UFC tickets, but some may charge more than others.

Fans should compare prices and make sure they are getting a fair deal before making a purchase.

The most important thing for fans to remember when purchasing tickets is that they must arrive early to guarantee their spot in line. The doors open at 6 p.

m. local time for most events, so it is important to plan ahead if you want to try and get seats close to the action.

The conclusion of this article is that there is no easy way to get presale tickets for upcoming UFC events, but following some simple tips and using an online ticket agency can help save fans money and ensure they have a chance to see their favorite fighters in person.

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