How Do You in Text Cite a Blog MLA?

When citing a blog, always include the URL in your text. For example: “Anderson (2008, February 17) cited Brownell et al.

(2008) in her article.”.

To cite a blog in MLA format, follow these steps:

1. Find the full citation for the blog post you are referencing.

This can be found on the website of the author, or in a bibliography accompanying the article.

2. Copy and paste the full citation into your text, preceded by “cited:”

Anderson 2008, cited: Brownell et al. 2008

3. If you are citing a blog post that was published on a website other than the author’s own site, you will need to include the website’s address in parenthesis after the “cited:”

Anderson (2008, February 17) cited Brownell et al. (2008) on her website.

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