How Do You Insert a Newsletter in Word?

How to Insert a Newsletter in Word

When you want to include a newsletter in your document, you can do so by following these simple steps:

1. Open the document in which you want to include the newsletter.
2. Click on the text box where you would like the newsletter to appear.
3. In the Type a New Title box, type a name for the newsletter.
4. In the Newsletter Body text box, type the text of your newsletter.
5. Click on the Newsletter button to activate the newsletter formatting features.

6. To insert a hyperlink in your newsletter, click on the Link button and enter the URL for your website or blog in the Address field.
7. To insert a picture, click on the Picture button and browse to and select a picture from your computer or online storage space.
8. To insert an audio file, click on the Audio button and browse to and select an audio file from your computer or online storage space.
9. Click on OK to finish inserting the newsletter into your document.
10. To view your newly inserted newsletter, click on View>Newsletters in Your Document or double-click on the name of your newly inserted newsletter in the list of newsletters in View>Newsletters in Your Document to open it in its own separate window/tab.

If you would like to remove a previously inserted newsletter from your document, follow these steps:.

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