How Do You Introduce a Show Do You a Blog?

There are a few ways to introduce a show to your blog audience.

1. Via a post about the show on your blog.
2. Share a video about the show on your blog.
3. Write an article about the show and share it on your blog.
4. Use a widget or banner to promote the show on your blog.

5. Invite readers to join you for a live discussion about the show after watching it online.
6. Comment on other blogs and promote the show there as well.
7. Share articles and videos about the cast, crew, and themes of the show on social media using #goosebuds and/or #gooselegs respectively.
8. Follow the cast, crew, and other bloggers associated with the show and engage with them in conversation using #goosebuds and/or #gooselegs as well.

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