How Do You Make a Comment Toggle for Your Divi Blog Post Template?

When you publish a blog post on your Divi site, you may want to include a comment toggle so that readers can easily leave comments. This is a simple but effective way to keep your readers engaged and informed.

To create a comment toggle, first open your blog post in the editor. Next, locate the “Comments” field in the editor and drag it to the right side of the post.

This will create a new column on the right side of the post.

Now, you will need to insert a comment form into this column. To do this, click on the “Forms” tab in the editor and locate the “Comment Form” module.

Once you have located this module, click on it to open it in the editor.

Next, you will need to add some basic information about your comment form. In most cases, you will want to provide a name for your form and an email address for users to contact you if they have any problems with commenting. You will also want to provide a password for users to enter when they leave a comment.

Finally, you will need to add some fields for users to enter their comments. In most cases, these fields will be name (for display purposes), email address (to send a notification when the commenter has commented), and message (for displaying a message from the commenter).

Once you have added these fields, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form to submit it to Divi. Now, all users who leave comments on your blog post will be automatically entered into your comment form and will be able to enter their comments directly without having to go through the editor first.

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