How Do You Moderate a Blog Comment?

When commenting on a blog, it is important to remember that civility and respect are key tenets. Comments that are rude, insulting, or inflammatory will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, comments that are in bad taste or off topic will also be deleted.

To ensure that all comments are appropriate and respectful, it is important to moderate them carefully. First, consider the tone of the post.

Is the comment being made in good fun? Is it constructive criticism? If the comment is not appropriate for the tone of the post, then it should be removed.

Next, consider whether the comment is relevant to the discussion being had. Is it a tangent? Is it irrelevant to the topic at hand? If it is not pertinent or helpful, then it should be removed.

Finally, consider whether the content of the comment violates any guidelines set by the blog owner. For example, does the commenter use profanity? Is their language inflammatory? If so, then they may have violated forum guidelines and their comment may be removed.

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