How Do You Post a Blog in HTML?

Blogging in HTML is a common way to share your thoughts with the world. It’s simple to create a blog in HTML, and you can use any web browser to post your content. To start posting your thoughts on the web, follow these steps:

1. Open your web browser and navigate to

2. Sign in with your Blogger account information.

3. Click the “New Blog” button.

4. Enter a name for your blog, and then click the “Create Blog” button.

5. Click the “Settings” tab and enter your blog’s domain name in the “Hostname” field.

6. In the “Port” field, enter 80 if you’re using a standard web browser, or 443 if you’re using a secure web browser such as HTTPS Everywhere.

7. Click the “Create Blog Page” button to create your blog’s home page.

8. Copy and paste the following HTML into your blog’s home page: My Blog .

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