How Do You Quote a Blog in Text MLA?

When quoting a blog in text, you must first identify the blog’s author. After that, you would need to quote the text in a way that accurately reflects the original author’s intent.

Finally, you should provide a citation for the blog in your text.

To identify the author of a blog, you can usually find the name of the blog’s website at the top of the post. After locating the author’s name, you can quote their text using proper citation formatting.

For example, if you were quoting a post from “The Huffington Post,” you would use “Huffington Post” as the title of your article and include “By [Author Name]” as part of your citation.

When quoting a blog, it is important to accurately reflect the author’s intent. In order to do this, you should use direct quotes and paraphrase only when necessary to avoid changing the meaning of the text.

For example, if you were quoting a post that discussed how to clean your house, you would not paraphrase every word that was written; instead, you would simply use direct quotes to capture the main points of the article.

If you are quoting a blog in an academic paper, it is important to include a link to the original source material. This link can be included in your citation or included as an end-note within your text file.

If you are quoting a blog for class purposes and do not have access to the original source material, then it is acceptable to paraphrase or summarize the information without providing a link. However, if you do not provide sources for any of your quotes from blogs, then your paper will likely be graded less highly by your professor.

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