How Do You Structure a Newsletter?

When starting a newsletter, it is important to consider the purpose of the newsletter. Is it to inform the reader of new products or services? To promote a message or product? To keep the reader up-to-date on what is going on with your company? Once you have determined the purpose of your newsletter, you need to decide how frequently you want to send it out. A weekly newsletter is usually more frequent than a monthly newsletter. You also need to decide what content you want to include in your newsletter.

Do you want to include news, product information, or both? Once you have decided on the content, you need to choose a format for your newsletter. Do you want to print it out and mail it out, or do you want to send it electronically? Once you have decided on a format and content, you need to decide who will write and produce your newsletter. Do you have someone who is specifically responsible for creating newsletters for your company, or can anyone write and produce them?.

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