How Do You Use Tags on a Blog?

Tags are keywords that you add to a post in order to help people search for it on the internet. They’re especially helpful if you’re trying to promote your blog content on social media, or if you want to make it easier for people who are browsing your website to find specific information.

There are a few different ways to use tags on a blog. You can add them automatically when you post, or you can add them manually. If you add them automatically, WordPress will put the tag in the post title and text, and it will also include the tag in the RSS feed. If you want to add a tag manually, go to the Posts menu on your dashboard, and click on the Add New Post button.

On the Add New Post screen, click on the Tags tab, and then enter the tag into the Tag field. You can also use the Tags bar at the top of your blog posts and pages.

When you use tags, it’s important that you choose relevant tags. It’s also important to use correct spelling and capitalization.

Tags are case-sensitive, so BOGO is not BOGO, but BOGO is correct. Finally, it’s important not to overuse tags – they can be confusing and off-putting for readers.

When using tags, be sure to include a link back to your post so people can find it easily if they want to read more about what you’ve mentioned. And finally, remember – always be sure to have fun when using tags!.

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