How Does a Wiki Differ From a Blog?

A wiki is a website that allows users to collaboratively write and modify articles. Wikis are different from blogs in several ways:

Wikis are not limited to text-based content. They can also include images, video, and tables.

Wikis are built around a simple markup language, which allows users to format and customize the appearance of their pages.

Wikis allow users to create their own articles, which makes them more powerful than blogs because they can include more information.

When users make changes to a wiki article, the changes are automatically saved and made available to other users. This process is known as Wiki collaboration or Wiki editing.

A conclusion about how wiki differs from blog could be as follows: A wiki is a much more powerful tool than a blog for collaborative writing because it allows for more information to be included on the same page, it has a more customizable appearance, and changes are automatically saved for other users.

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