How Does Blog Look Like?

An article about how blogs look like can be divided into two main parts: the front-end and the backend. The front-end is what you see when you visit a blog, and it includes the design, colors, and layout.

The backend is where all the blog’s content is stored, and it includes everything from the blog’s server to the software that makes it all work.

When it comes to design, most blogs use a standard front-end template that’s been designed for a specific blogging platform. This template usually includes a header, sidebar, content area, and footer.

The header usually contains the blog’s name and logo, while the sidebar can hold posts or other widgets such as a social media feed or contact form. Posts are usually written in a left-to-right orientation with a heading at the top of each column, and they’re often accompanied by images and/or videos.

The content area is where all the posts are stored, and it’s usually divided into three columns: the left column is for the title of the post, the middle column is for the body of the post, and the right column is for comments or other media. Posts can be edited directly in this area, and they can also be published by clicking on the “publish” button at the top of each column.

The footer contains links to other pages on the blog as well as information about how many new posts have been published this month, this year, or since blogger was launched. Most blogs also include a social media widget in their footer so readers can share their posts on Facebook or Twitter without having to leave the site.

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