How Does Medium Blog Work?

Medium is a blogging platform that allows users to write and share articles on a range of topics. Users can create a blog, or publish articles that are then shared with others in the Medium community.

When someone clicks on an article, they are taken to the article’s page on the website. On this page, they can read the article, leave a comment, and share it with others.

If they want to read the article again later, they can save it to their reading list.

Users can also follow other people and organizations in the Medium community, which will give them updates about their latest articles and posts. If they’re interested in something specific that’s being written about, they can follow specific topics or people to get more information about them.

When someone shares an article on Medium, it is sent out to everyone in their network who has been invited to share content with them. This means that if someone shares an article with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, their friends will also be able to read and share the article on Medium.

Medium allows users to create a public or private blog account. A public blog is where anyone can see the posts that have been made on it, while a private blog is only viewable by the user who created it.

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