Is Blog Commenting Effective?

So, is blog commenting effective? In short, the answer is yes, but it depends on the comment.

Effective Blog Commenting Tips

When commenting on a blog post, make sure to:

Use your full name and title when posting. This will help people easily find your comments, and give you credibility.

Write concisely and in detail. Make sure to include why you are commenting on the post, what you think the author could have done better, and any specific facts or examples.

Be respectful. Do not attack others or use foul language.

Be aware of the time-frame for which your comment was made. Some blogs allow comments for a certain period of time after the post has been published, while others do not allow comments until after the post has been edited and approved.

Make sure to check the time-frame for your particular blog before posting.

If you want to be a valuable commenter on a blog, remember these tips!.

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