Is Chron a Blog?

Chron is a blog, right? Sure, it looks and feels like a blog. But is it really one?

First of all, Chron doesn’t offer any of the features commonly associated with blogs. There are no comments, no RSS feeds, and no ability to add content manually.

Even the blog’s layout – with its large header and column of posts on the left – is more reminiscent of a website than a blog.

Chron also doesn’t seem to focus on promoting itself as a blog. The main text area is flanked by two menus – one for “posts,” and one for “links.

” But there’s no way to browse through all the posts or see which ones are most popular. And there’s no “submit your own post” button; you have to email Chron to get started.

So is Chron really a blog? It doesn’t quite fit the bill, but it could probably use some work on its blogging features before it can be classified as one 100 percent. In the meantime, it remains an interesting website that deserves your attention.

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