Is FanSided a Blog?

FanSided is a website and blog that was founded in 2009 as a fan-run website devoted to coverage of professional soccer. In 2016, FanSided was acquired by Univision Communications Inc. as part of their new digital media strategy.

That same year, FanSided launched FandomWire, a vertically integrated news platform focused on the intersection of fandom and media. While FanSided is technically a blog, it is more akin to an online-only news outlet with extensive coverage of soccer.

FanSided is generally critical of the governing bodies of both American and European soccer, and its coverage reflects this perspective. However, it also has a strong focus on providing in-depth analysis of both domestic and international soccer matches.

Additionally, FanSided has developed a number of popular features, such as the “Fantasy Premier League” game and the “MLS Power Rankings” series.

Overall, FanSided is an interesting site that provides extensive coverage of both traditional sports and more niche topics. While it is technically a blog, it has developed into an online-only news outlet with a strong focus on soccer coverage.

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