Is It a Good Idea to Re Post a Blog Article on Medium and LinkedIn After You’ve Posted It on Your Website?

If you post an article on your website, and then post it on Medium and LinkedIn, should you consider doing a re-post?

There can be advantages to re-posting an article on Medium and LinkedIn after you’ve posted it on your website. For example, if you have a large audience on your website, re-posting the article on Medium and LinkedIn may give the audience a chance to read the article in a different format and see additional information that was not included in the original post. Additionally, if you have a strong relationship with your audience on LinkedIn, re-posting the article may help increase awareness of the content among your Target market. However, there are also disadvantages to re-posting an article on Medium and LinkedIn.

For example, if the original article was poorly written or did not capture the audience’s attention, re-posting it may not improve its quality. Additionally, if your original post was published several months ago, chances are that the information has since changed. Re-posting an old article may not be as relevant or interesting to readers as new content. Ultimately, it is important to consider whether re-posting an article is worth the time and effort before proceeding.

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